Island Development

Local economy, culture, innovation and sustainability

Penghu Archipelago, Taiwan, October 1-5, 2013

Key Dates

Deadline for paper abstracts: May 25, 2013
Notification of acceptance: May 31, 2013
Full papers due: Extended to September 20, 2013
Conference date: October 1-5, 2013


You are very welcome to Penghu in October 2013! 
Please mark these dates in your calendar now!



The International Geographical Union Commission on Islands is pleased to announce that the international conference on Island Development – Local Economy, Culture, Innovation and Sustainability will beheld in Penghu Archipelago, Taiwan, on October 1 - 5, 2013. A pre-conference excursion in Taipei City and post-conference excursion to natural and cultural sites of Taiwan will be arranged. 

Theme: Issues surrounding island development have generated a growing volume of research, including ‘models’ of island development as well as critical analyses of challenges facing the local economies and cultures of island societies, not least in the context of globalization and sustainability concerns. What does it mean to develop? How can island communities maintain control over development processes to the benefit of the local economy, rather than seeing economic flows enter and exit the island with little or primarily negative impact? How resilient are island cultures? How do they contribute to ‘economies of place’ where economies of scale are not an option? And how important is local knowledge for edifying local economies and enhancing potentials for innovation in island development? Sustainable development seems to be everywhere nowadays, but what do we mean by it? Island histories have repeatedly been forwarded as exemplars and ‘lessons’ for global learning on (un)sustainability. Why should island development be of broader interest beyond island shores? How and why might island communities connect to learn from each other’s experiences in these vital issues? And, what island-based innovationsin science, technology, culture and ecosystem services might contribute to sustainable island development?


Call for Papers

The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia, business, NGOs and public authorities, and to provide them with a platform to report on and discuss recent developments, achievements, experiences, research results, and initiatives related to island development.

Topics within the scope of the conference include, but are not limited to:

1. Island life: history, culture, nature, literature, music, arts …
2. New winds: green energy and island sustainability
3. New waves: marine resources, heritages, inter-island collaboration
4. Island communities: people, livelihood, rights, and governance
5. Island diversity: co-evolution, biocultural diversity, conservation, education
6. Island tourism: varieties, consequences, issues
7. Island economy: paths, shifts, innovations, policies and (in)equality
8. Island resilience: challenges, responses to global change, and sustainability
9. Island indigenous knowledge and young generations
10. Forum: Island futures

11. Other sessions (proposed sessions are welcome)

International Geographic Union Commission on Islands
National Penghu University
Penghu County Government
Chinese Geographic Society located in Taipei, Taiwan
Penghu County Government
Penghu County Government
Penghu County Government
Penghu County Government
Penghu County Government
Penghu County Government
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